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Do you want to become the TOP 1% setter/closer?

Just starting your sales journey and struggling to make headway? Envision this: despite your best efforts, closing a mere couple of deals out of hundreds of cold calls becomes the norm. It's challenging, isn't it? Addressing potential clients' queries leaves you uncertain, and delivering a winning pitch feels like an elusive skill.

But don't worry, we're here to help. Our mission is to guide you step-by-step, ensuring you no longer feel confused or miss out on opportunities. Through our proven strategies and personalized coaching, you'll gain the skills and confidence to impress and close deals with ease.

This is your golden opportunity to change your sales game completely. Let's explore what we offer and set you on the path to incredible success in the world of high-ticket sales!

Here’s what being a TOP 1% Setter / Closer Looks Like

Laptop Lifestyle

Financial Abundance

Time Freedom

Step By Step Blueprint: Here’s how you can become a TOP 1% closer who makes more than 10K per month!

Do you want to become the TOP 1% closer?

Other programs in this space only offer courses, leaving you to fend for yourself. We're different. Here, you'll not only learn but also get a real chance to implement and showcase your skills by closing on our offer. Your growth matters to us!

Access to mastermind with mentors

Join our daily mastermind sessions with seasoned mentors who have conquered it all. That's right—daily! We listened to your feedback, and we've expanded our calls from twice a week to EVERYDAY. Missing out is nearly impossible now, ensuring you can join at least one session every week!

Access to right network

Join our premium closed community for invaluable support: mock calls, practice pitching, and constructive feedback. Elevate your skills, confidence, and success!

Let's explore what you can learn at
XCloser Academy


Course Material

Welcome to a refreshingly different teaching approach – simple, quick, and effective. Unlike other programs, we cut out the fluff and focus solely on the most crucial aspects of high-ticket sales. Our goal is simple: to get you selling as soon as possible. Our course material covers setter mastery and closer mastery, empowering you to excel in the world of high-ticket sales without unnecessary delays.


Mock Calls

You've learned the sales fundamentals, and now it's time to put theory into practice. Pitch to another student using a sample script, and for valuable insights, record and post the call in the community. Students and coaches will provide constructive critiques, refining your pitch and making you a better closer


Claim 50 Inbound Leads

These 50 inbound leads are exclusively for our offer, should you choose to take advantage of this opportunity. We have a specific reason for doing this, which will be elaborated in step 4.


Get ACTUAL Sales Experience

We're offering something truly unique and game-changing. With our program, you'll receive 50 leads, giving you the chance to start selling and earning right away while you're still learning. This hands-on experience is the key to honing your skills and becoming exceptional. Moreover, it will significantly boost your chances of getting hired by another company in the future



Here are two exciting options for you to choose from: Option 1: Work with us on our offer and secure a guaranteed 25% commission on your sales. Option 2: Follow our proven system, which will guide you on how to secure a position with another company in the industry. The choice is yours, and both options offer incredible opportunities for success!


Goal Setting

Earn 25% commission per close on our offer. We'll help you create a realistic plan to reach $10K per month. Start your journey to success today!


Setter Team

Earn 25% commission per close on our offer. We'll help you create a realistic plan to reach $10K per month. Start your journey to success today!


Social Funneling

Discover our system for generating inbound leads through social media. Learn how to apply the powerful funnel approach to attract, engage, and convert potential customers into loyal advocates. Maximize your social media presence and grow your business like never before!

Not just that. You get access to these premium programs:

Setter Mastery Course

Closer Mastery Course

Setter Scaling Course

Along with all of the above, you get exclusive access to


Think of it as Instagram exclusively for business owners and sales reps. Explore remote sales opportunities and effortlessly connect with businesses through direct messaging. As an XCloser student, you'll enjoy free access to this platform upon its launch. Empower your sales journey like never before!

Closer’s Portal for XCloser’s Team

At XCloser, every closer on our team receives a dedicated portal to track their sales and access a wealth of valuable analytics. Stay on top of your game and make data-driven decisions for unmatched success.

Closer Incubator For XCloser’s Team

Tired of struggling to stay motivated and accountable while making money online? Join our Closer-Clock-In 24/7 incubator and be surrounded by like-minded closers while you work! It's the boost you need to thrive!

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"$25K+ in just one month..."

Thats right... 16 years old from Romania making more than both of his parents combined & helping them with bills.

"$30K+ in just one month..."

“This has changed my life, i've never ever made this much money and didn't think i'd be able to do it so fast at 21 years old...”

$65K+ in just one month...

“This changed my life and my family’s life forever. You get coaching, mentorship. You learn how to close and get on offers.”




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